5 Panel Drug Test

A drug test is a methodological analysis of a certain biological sampling like urine, hair, sweat or oral fluids.  It is used to detect or determine the indication of the presence or absence of a parent drug, as well as their metabolites. In addition, the essential objective of a drug test is to know if there is any presence of a performance enhancing steroid, or other types of drugs like cannabis, heroine or cocaine. To test the presence of a drug, authorities have adopted another method to detect it. This is referred to as a 5 panel drug test.

5 panel drug test is composed of a multi-drug test panel screen test which took effect and became mandatory, for Federal Employees during the regime of former US President Ronald Reagan.  Likewise, the 5 panel drug test is specifically meant for the Department of Transportation Regulations.

The Uses of a 5 Panel Drug Test

The 5 panel drug test is used to detect or determine the presence of any illegal drugs in a person’s bodily system. Moreover, a 5 panel drug test depends on the level or kind of drug screening is to be adopted. Commonly, a 5 panel drug test is used by companies for their employees. In as far as the administration of a 5 panel drug test is concerned; it can be done outside the premises of a company. Also, the materials that are used for a 5 panel drug test can be purchased and then conducted by a reputable and licensed administrator in your workplace.

What are the Kinds of Drugs that can be Detected by a 5 Panel Drug Test?

The drugs that can be detected by a 5 panel drug test are the following: PCP, (a kind of hallucinogenic drug), marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines and opiates.

What are the Biological Samples Needed for a 5 Panel Drug Test?

A.    Urine

B.    Saliva

C.    Blood

Application of a 5 Panel Drug Test in a Workplace

Most companies utilize a 5 panel drug test for pre-employment screening, random testing or in cases where there are accidents in your respective workplaces. A 5 panel drug test is applied to a workplace in an accident scenario, by subjecting the employee to a 5 panel drug test after the accident had happened. If the result of the 5 drug panel test is positive, then the company or the insurance are not liable of anything.

How is a 5 Panel Drug Test Conducted?

A 5 panel drug test uses a urine sample follows a strict chain of evidence rules. After the urine samples have been collected, they must be directly observed by the 5 panel drug test drug attendants.  However, this can only possible if there no available toilet chambers.  Other things like purses and jackets must be left outside the stall when conducting a 5 panel drug test.

The instant 5 panel drug test come in strips or cards that are being dipped, and the results of the 5 panel drug test will be known in minutes.

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