Cannabis A brief overview (Marijuana)

How is Cannabis commonly Consumed?

Cannabis or Weed is consumed in 3 common ways. The first and most common is inhalation. This is traditionally done using heat to combust into smoke or vapor. Marijuana is also known for being used to make edibles. These can be anything but baked into brownies or hard candy. Most recently Cannabis is being made into lotions and other topical oils to be used on skin contact.

What are the effects of Consuming Cannabis?

Well, there are many different opinions on exactly how it feels to use cannabis, we will stick to the facts here. WebMD says that mentally it makes you “feel happy, relaxed, or detached.” Physically most should expect to have an increased heart rate, and lower blood pressure. Many of the classic effects of THC seen in movies are true. Increased appetite and slow response times are well documented in many marijuana users.

  • Using Cannabis can make people feel relaxed and happy. They might have giggles or become very chatty.
  • One will feel more conscious
  • The illusion effects can even give you a feeling of time slowing down
  • It can make you feel starving
  • Feel light-headed, weak and sick
  • Feelings of anxiety and suspicion
  • Panic attack and fear

Donuts are good

What is the Legality of Cannabis in the USA?

The Legality of Marijuana in the USA has become very complicated since 1970. Congress decided that Marijuana was different than other drugs. Things proceed to become more involved in 1996 when California introduced Medical Marijuana. Since 1996 many states have made their laws. This is contrary to the federal government as federal law states clearly that Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. Unlike many another schedule one drugs, there are no known medical uses for marijuana. As of writing this April 2017, there are nine states in the USA that have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Only five US states still have marijuana prohibition still in effect.

Is it safe to use with other drugs?

We have been asked this question a lot lately.

“Can I use marijuana and drink.”

“Is it ok to take Xanax and weed edibles.”

“Can I smoke weed well on molly.”

The answer is simple. It is never a very safe option to mix drugs. However even though we do not recommend it, many believe that it is safe with just about everything in small doses. Alcohol is commonly combined with cannabis, along with cocaine, benzos, and psychedelics like shrooms or LSD.

But I am not the type of person to pop molly then alter it with weed. If I am doing something for the unique experience, I want to fully experience it if possible. I would not recommend it to calm you down from other drugs. It is hard to tell what the reaction could be and you can put your life at risk.


Like anything else, there is no right answer to whether or not it is healthy or wise to consume such things. It is therefore left up to the individual to decide what is best for their health. Both mentally and physically.

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